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Porsche considering more hybrids, no plans for self-driving cars

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Porsche has a plan to offer hybrid versions of all its models in the foreseeable future as it struggles to lower emissions across the fleet, according to Reuters. At the same time, the German sports car manufacturer rejects the idea of developing self-driving cars.

"One wants to drive a Porsche by oneself," said Porsche Chief Executive Oliver Blume Blume in an interview with regional newspaper Westfalen-Blatt published on Monday.

These sentiments are shared by top executives at Lamborghini, another division of Volkswagen AG.

As Blume noted, there is a limit to what technology should be able to do in a car, and "iPhones belong in your pocket, not on the road."

Some of the notable electrified models to be launched by Porsche in the coming years include the 911 plug-in hybrid (2018) and the all-electric, 600-horsepower Mission E (around 2020), which will reportedly offer a range of more than 500 kilometres.