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Q by Aston Martin develops “One of Seven” Vanquish

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The Q by Aston Martin bespoke personalization service has just created the ultra-exclusive Vanquish ‘One of Seven’ for Markus Storck, founder and head of German hi-tech bicycle manufacturer Storck Bikes, and six fellow sports car aficionados in Europe.

Top Gear quoted insiders who suggest pricing could be as much as 50% higher than that of a regular Vanquish, meaning somewhere in the ₤300,000 range (approx. $570,000 CAD).

The Aston Martin Vanquish ‘One of Seven’ stands out with a unique exterior finish that sees multiple layers of carbon fibre cleverly interwoven to a perfectly smooth finish, satin Jet Black paint, diamond quilting on the seats, machined carbon Aston Martin wings badges, ‘One of Seven’ logos perforated into the head restraints, and a variety of gloss black styling additions.

Aston Martin Vanquish Q pictures