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Range Rover Evoque Takes on the World’s Biggest Speed Bump!

Land Rover recently set up a marketing stunt to highlight the capabilities of its Range Rover Evoque compact SUV, which enters the 2018 model-year with a host of upgrades including two new Ingenium gasoline engines.

The company installed the mother of all speed bumps in a street in England—large enough so drivers wouldn’t see past it and wide enough to prevent them from driving around it. Poor souls arrived and obviously became stuck, needing to make a U-turn or risk damaging their front bumper in a vain attempt to climb over the speed bump.

Finally, one driver in a Range Rover Evoque manages to crawl up and over the ginormous obstacle, at certain points with two wheels in the air!

Watch the video and I bet you’ll have the same type of reaction as the other drivers and bystanders…