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RayGo: Text and drive with both hands on the wheel!

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The word from Entrepreneur is that an Israeli company has developed a hands-free system for texting while driving. 

Whereas head-up display systems like Navdy and WayRay Navion display incoming calls and navigation info directly onto car's windshield, RayGo allows drivers to answer text messages using a five-button controller that clamps to the steering wheel.

Messages also appear on the windshield, and drivers can “drag” a pre-programmed response from a list, like they would on a touchscreen. RayGo can even detect if you're driving fast or making a turn, in which case the system will pause until you return to steady, straight-line cruising for increased safety.

A crowdfunding campaign for RayGo easily met its goal of $30,000, allowing the company to offer the device at a ridiculously low price of $55 USD (compared to $299 for the Navdy). It is available for pre-order through Indiegogo. Deliveries are expected to begin in October.