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Remote-Controlled Nissan GT-R Tops 200 km/h at Silverstone!

File this under Incredible-But-True. A Nissan GT-R speeds around the track at Silverstone in England, attaining a top speed of over 200 km/h, without a driver on board. At the controls? A video gamer operating the car from a distance!

The amateur video gamer in question was Jann Mardenborough, NISMO athlete, GT Academy winner and professional driver. Ensconced in a helicopter flying overhead and using a DualShock 4 wireless controller, Mardenborough controlled the robots that turned the wheel, manipulated the gear shifter, applied brakes and pressed on the accelerator, all of it via six computers in the back of the vehicle that relayed commands up to 100 times per second. A number of safety and fail-safe systems were in place in case of any loss of control.

The special project marked the launch of the new Gran Turismo Sport video game, set for October 17 in North America.

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