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Nissan, Italdesign Could Produce 50 units of the GT-R50

We reported last week on a special concept car developed conjointly by Nissan and the Italdesign firm. This design study was supposed to remain just that, a study, one conceived to mark the 50 years of existence of the two companies.

Now we learn that the companies are actually ready to produce 50 units of the 710-hp sports car. There has been no official announcement as of yet, mainly because the green light will depend on the response the car gets at the Goodwood Festival of Speed getting under way on July 12 in England.

The price tag the future collection piece will come with? 900,000 Euros, or around $1.4 million CAD.

If the company deems interest is strong enough, and that the 50 units will find buyers, it is prepared to go ahead with the project. We can just imagine the profit margin on this car…

Here's a video produced by Nissan:

Photo: Nissan

To be sure, each individual unit will be personalized according to buyers’ wishes. But that $14M sticker price still seems astronomical.

Collectors will doubtless be calculating not if the model is worth such a price, but if a profit is in store when time comes to sell it in 10 or 15 years.

From where we sit, the bet looks like a risky one.

Nissan GT-R50 concept
Photo: Nissan
Nissan GT-R50 concept