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Renault Twizy coming to Canada soon!

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The Renault Twizy electric car will hit the Canadian market in just a few months through a distribution partnership with Réseau AZRA, according to the AVEQ website. AZRA is based in Terrebonne, Quebec, and is well known by electric car owners for installing fast-charging stations at rest areas. 

The Twizy will be the only Renault sold in Canada, meaning the brand's gas-powered models won't come to our shores. Transport Canada has yet to issue a certification for the Twizy, but that shouldn't take long. In fact, interested buyers can already put their names on the waiting list on the Réseau AZRA website.

The Canadian-spec Renault Twizy 40, capable of achieving 40 km/h, will meet all federal standards for low-speed vehicles. The Twizy 80 model, which can reach 80 km/h, might also be launched in Canada at a later date.

According to Réseau AZRA CEO Jean-François Carrière, the price of a Renault Twizy will be about $17,000 before government incentive.