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Review of the 2007 Acura MDX by the former Vancouver Chief Constable

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Prior to serving for five-years as the outspoken chief of the Vancouver Police Department, Jamie Graham spent 34-years wearing the red surge of the RCMP. He investigated crimes of all description, including robbery and murder. He also commanded a series of high profile RCMP detachments before adopting the "blue" of the Vancouver Police Department. On August 14th, Jamie unloaded and secured his Sig Sauer for the last time. A longtime car aficionado, Jamie offers his thoughts on Acura's premium-level SUV.

2007 Acura MDX: The Perfect Partner?
OK, I'm one day into retirement and I'm trying to figure out the right reading material for a two-hour platelet donation at the Canadian Blood Services office (they need blood by the way!). I have two comparable choices, Tolstoy's massive "War and Peace" or the 2007 Acura MDX owner's manual. I found an easy mini flip chart (not unlike my first homicide checklist) instruction booklet to get the MDX started but the navigation and stereo manuals looked pretty daunting. Like any red blooded Canadian male, I just started pushing buttons.

The MDX has been around for a while. I remember taking one up to Kamloops BC a few years back but this one is different. At first blush, it looks sleeker and it seems a lot heavier.

The MDX is fast and nimble. Of course I never exceeded 50 in the city and 90 on the highway (K/H that is) but when passing someone in an emergency, it sure seemed to get there in a hurry. Not like my old 1971 black and white 427 Ford police interceptor mind you; cruising the back roads between Edmonton, up to Westlock, Fawcett, Clyde, Rochester, Pibroch ... ah, memories. I have time now to dream, you know.

The MDX handles very well. It corners in and out of my favourite Vancouver alleys and lanes, up and down hills with lots of respect. The turning radius is amazing, seems tighter than my old '72 Volvo 144S. The big tires and brakes obviously help but someone has spent a lot of time working on how this SUV moves. But it isn't just about power.

The vehicle handled very nicely in traffic. It stops on a dime and it parallel parks like a dream. The back up camera was very crisp and very clear. I was thinking that I could stick a couple of witnesses in the MDX's back seat, put "the usual suspects" behind the vehicle on-view and see if I could get an identification or two. Perhaps a nice confession as I closed the distance! Just a thought mind you.