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Rolls-Royce presents futuristic VISION NEXT 100 concept

Rolls-Royce today unveiled its new VISION NEXT 100 concept, giving us a glimpse of the ultra-high-luxury brand’s very distant future.

Both parent company BMW and its MINI brand did the same. All three vehicles will be on display at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K. (June 23-26).

As a V12 combustion engine is most unlikely to exist in the future, one can only surmise how this Rolls-Royce will be powered. Electric? Fuel cell? Water? Organic waste like in Back to the Future II? Time will tell.

Styling is extremely futuristic. Of course, traditional Rolls-Royce elements remain, but the concept is a massive departure from current models. Just look at the 28” tall but narrow wheels, the cockpit devoid of pedals, steering wheel and dashboard, and the giant OLED display in place making this a fully autonomous car. The seats were replaced by a sofa and wool carpeting.

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Rolls-Royce Vision NEXT 100 pictures