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Alex Law

This October the latest in a growing line of specialty Saab models will hit the market when the "high-performance" 9-5 Aero goes on sale.

Full details of the 2000 model year car won't be revealed until the Frankfurt Motor Show in mid-September, but the Swedish company has supplied some hints of what we can expect.

The 9-5 Aero will get a sportier version of the chassis and improved aerodynamics, all of which will be pulled around by a high-output version of the company's supercharged 2.3-litre, inline-4 engine. In this package, that means 230 horsepower and 252 pound-feet of torque.

The new car is designed to look the part of a sportier car, thanks to a unique exterior that includes flared rocker panels, a front spoiler, a rear bumper extension, and a sport steering wheel. It is also meant to act the part, thanks to a lower and stiffer suspension and more powerful brakes. The 17-inch light alloy wheels contribute on both fronts.

In general terms, the Saab 9-5 Aero "had been developed for driving enthusiasts who desire a performance-oriented variant of a Saab model."

Alex Law
Alex Law
Automotive expert