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Several recalls announced by key automakers

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Numerous recalls have been announced by some of the world's top automakers in recent weeks. Overall, more than 100,000 vehicles are affected in Canada, with problems ranging from electrical systems to airbags and seats.

Here's a rundown:

2014-2015 Acura MDX may have faulty clutch
Acura Canada is recalling 10,220 MDX crossovers from the 2014-2015 model years because some lots of A/C compressor clutch drive bolts may be defective. If the A/C clutch drive falls off while the vehicle is underway, the clutch drive could strike another vehicle, stationary object, or bystander, causing injury and/or property damage. 

Dealers will replace the clutch drive bolt, and if necessary install a new clutch plate.

GM's large sedans and CUVs are targeted
General Motors continues to tackle recalls head on. We learned that in 2,868 Chevrolet Caprice and Pontiac G8 sedans (from 2011 and 2008-2009, respectively), the flexible steel cable that connects the seat belt to the vehicle structure at the front outboard seating positions can fatigue over time and could separate. Dealers will therefore replace the tensioner assembly.

Meanwhile, on 36,302 full-size crossovers equipped with a power rear liftgate, the gas-filled struts may prematurely wear. This could allow the liftgate to drop suddenly, placing anyone beneath or near the gate at risk of injury. In this case, GM dealers will reprogram the power liftgate actuator motor ECU with a new software and will verify power liftgate operation following the reprogram. 

Affected models include:

  • Buick Enclave (2008-2012)
  • Chevrolet Traverse (2009-2012)
  • GMC Acadia (2007-2012)
  • Saturn Outlook (2007-2009)

Chevrolet has another recall involving 4,583 Spark microcars from 2014-2015 as well as Sonic and Trax vehicles from 2015. The radio may become inoperative, causing a no-chime condition and disabling the audible warning if the key is in the ignition and the driver’s door is opened, or if a front outboard seat belt is not buckled. Dealers will simply program the radio with updated software. 

FCA has lengthy list of recalls, too
Over at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), 13,195 Jeep Cherokees from 2014-2015 may suffer from corrosion in the liftgate control module, which could result in an electrical short, potentially resulting in a fire. Affected owners need to have their vehicle inspected and repaired as necessary.

A total of 43,679 Dodge Journeys from 2011-2015, all equipped with a 2.4L engine, might see their engine cover shift over time due to road vibrations. If the engine cover were to displace, it could hit the exhaust manifold and result in a fire. Here, dealers will install an enhanced retaining device to the engine cover.

In other news, the rear suspension lower control arm(s) on some 255 Dodge Durango and Jeep Cherokee models from 2015 could fracture due to incorrect heat treatment during manufacturing. A fractured suspension lower control arm could result in a loss of vehicle control and a crash, so dealers will thoroughly inspect and replace (if necessary) the rear lower control arms.

Luxury brands are not immune to trouble, of course. The driver's side front airbag in 950 Ferrari sports cars could deploy in a rotated orientation due to an improperly assembled airbag module. Since this could increase the risk of injury, dealers will replace the driver's side airbag module. Affected models include:

  • 458 Italia 
  • 458 Italia Spider
  • 458 Speciale
  • 458 Speciale A
  • California T
  • F12 Berlinetta
  • FF
  • LaFerrari

Over 5,000 Hummers recalled for heating issue
Do you own a 2006-2010 Hummer H3 or 2009-2010 H3T? You should know that the connector module that controls the blower motor speed in the heat/vent/air conditioning (HVAC) system on 5,180 units could overheat under extended periods at high or medium-high blower speed. 

Dealers will replace the female connector and harness.

Ford recalls 60,000+ vehicles
One recent recall affects 18,226 Escape and Transit Connect vehicles from 2014-2015. The instrument cluster may not display safety warning lamps/messages, and sound chimes when the ignition key is first turned on, contrary to the requirements of the standard. Ford dealers will reprogram the instrument cluster.

The 2015 Escape is also part of a recall campaign that encompasses 52,180 C-MAX, Escape and Focus models from 2015. Apparently, it may be possible for the engine to continue to run after turning the ignition key to the "off" position and removing the key (vehicles with standard ignition keys), or after pressing the Engine Start/Stop button (vehicles with push-button start and intelligent access keys), which is contrary to the requirements of the standard. 

Consequently, dealers will update the body control module (BCM) software.

Mercedes-Benz cars with potentially defective fuses
Mercedes-Benz Canada is recalling 192 B-Class, CLA-Class and GLA-Class vehicles from 2014 because the fuses in the passenger side interior fuse box might have been installed incorrectly during assembly. This could result in one or more fuses losing electrical contact, which could affect different system functions such as front passenger seat occupancy recognition, passenger side airbag indicator lamp, the instrument cluster and the windshield wipers.

Mercedes dealers will therefore inspect the installation position and orientation of the fuses in the passenger side interior fuse box, and replace the fuse box if necessary.

Subaru Impreza may have faulty passenger's side airbag
The Occupant Control Unit (OCU) of the Occupant Detection System (ODS) in 5,182 Subaru Imprezas from 2012 may incorrectly identify a front passenger occupant when seated in the front passenger seat if the passenger touches a metal part of the vehicle that is electrically grounded while using an iPod or cell phone plugged into the accessory power outlet. 

This may result in the deactivation of the ODS, so Subaru dealers will replace the Occupant Control Unit (OCU) with a revised one.

Recall on late-model Nissan JUKE and Versa cars
Finally, 841 Nissan JUKE and Versa hatchbacks (from 2013-2014 and 2014, respectively) are being recalled due to a manufacturing defect where the start/stop button could stick inside of its housing. If this occurs, vibration could cause the electrical components inside the button to contact repeatedly in quick succession and initiate the emergency engine shut off procedure while the vehicle is in motion. This could result in increased steering and braking effort, a loss of propulsion, and would disable the supplemental restraint systems (SRS).

Nissan dealers will inspect and repair any defective start/stop switch.