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Shell's High Capacity Hydrogen Fuelling Station

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Khatir Soltani
Press release
Source: BC Hydro

,- Powertech, BC Hydro's subsidiary specializing in clean energy solutions, announced that it was selected by Shell Hydrogen, LLC to provide a new hydrogen-fuelling station at its gasoline retail station in Newport Beach, California.

The station will soon provide California drivers of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with more flexibility as it expands the network of available hydrogen fuelling stations. It will be the first high pressure (700 bar) public-use hydrogen fuelling system in California, and the first station in the world capable of fuelling four hydrogen fuel cell vehicles simultaneously.

"Powertech's leadership in hydrogen station design is based on our distinct competitive advantage: technical expertise combined with state of the art hydrogen fuelling technology" said Eamonn Percy, President and Chief Operating Officer, Powertech. "This is a tremendous opportunity to partner with Shell to further advance both hydrogen fuelling technology and infrastructure."

"We are delighted to collaborate with an industry leader in clean transportation such as Powertech on this project," said Duncan Macleod, Shell Vice President of Hydrogen. "This is an important step as we continue to build hydrogen fueling infrastructure, in line with the automakers' plans to develop hydrogen vehicles."

Powertech has played a key role in the development of hydrogen delivery infrastructure in North America. The company designed and built the world's first 700 bar fast fill hydrogen fuelling station in 2002, currently situated at Powertech's facility in British Columbia.

Shell was one of four organizations to receive a $1.7 million US grant from the California Air Resources Board for the development of four new fuelling stations. The new stations will double the amount of hydrogen available to the public in California.

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