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Simply-Park, a new way to avoid expired parking

Simply-City, a Danish company based in Copenhagen, is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its new Simply-Park intelligent parking reminder. The goal is to raise 70,000 crowns (approx. $13,000) by July 18th.

Simply-Park is designed to improve the parking experience by reducing the possibility of expired parking and thus avoiding parking fines.

"It's unnecessary to remember when and where we park and how much time is left before we must move the car to avoid a ticket,” said Dawei Yao, co-founder of Simpli-City. “We should be free from parking concerns and other travails because we have more important things to do!"

A smartphone app combines with a Bluetooth 4.0 token that users can place anywhere in their car. Simply-Park will remember when the car was parked (with a countdown that automatically starts when drivers leave the car), locate where it was parked, and send an alert before the parking time expires.

The project will use the Kickstarter funds mainly for app development on Android/iOS and mass manufacturing of the token. Simply-City has set a deadline for September and aims to deliver the final product to backers in early December. Once the funds raised reaches more than 180% of the original target, the Android version will be developed.

The company says a selection of rewards will be offered to different levels of backers including custom-coloured tokens and other products.

What do you think of this whole idea? Would you personally use an intelligent parking reminder like Simply-Park in Canada?