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Private parking spaces for rent: There's a new app of that

A new mobile application developed by WE_ARE, a Montreal-base interactive studio, will soon enable users to rent their private parking spaces to others, who will no longer have to randomly drive around city streets looking for a parking space and thus save precious time.

With Prkair, which is similar to the MonkeyParking app for San Francisco drivers, users can list their private parking space for rent, while others will be able to use their mobile device to locate available spaces, choose the most convenient one, and pay in a flash.

This will work for both parking spaces in Montreal and in the suburbs, for instance near train stations.

"I immediately saw the value in this project when we first came up with the idea - and I wanted to make it a reality," said Robert Gosselin, President of WE_ARE. "I myself live in the suburbs, drive into the city and sometimes spend a lot of time looking for parking spots. Also, many residents in large urban areas own a private parking space but don't use it on a full time basis… they could see this as an income-generating opportunity. I believe there's a definite place in the market for an application like Prkair."

The Prkair mobile application will soon be available on both iPhone and Android. In the meantime, a website ( has been launched allowing users to view the spaces that have already been registered, add their own parking space and be notified when the mobile application will be available.

More good news: The service will extend across Canada and even into the U.S.

Source: WE_ARE