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Singapore cab driver finds $1M on back seat

Singapore cab driver finds $1M on back seat

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Sia Ka Tian, a 70-year-old taxi driver in Singapore, recently made a shocking discovery after dropping off some customers: A plastic bag filled with dollar bills had been left on the back seat.

Tian initially estimated the loot at more than $200,000 SGD. However, back at the central, the department of lost items announced that the bag actually contained $1.1 million SGD, the equivalent of about $900,000 CAD!

Incredibly, Tian returned all the money to its rightful owners, a couple from Thailand. ''I don't care about the money; it doesn't belong to me. What would I do with it?'' he reportedly told The Straits Times.

Tian ended up getting a monetary reward from the couple for his good deed.

A similar story happened in 2009, with a Singapore cab driver returning $377,000 SGD worth of ingots to their owners.

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