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SKODA introduces the ultimate stroller... with 20'' wheels!

SKODA cars may not be sold in North America, but we think this is news worth telling you about. As part of the launch campaign of the new SKODA Octavia vRS, the company produced an ad that features a number of oversized objects and vehicles including a baby stroller that rides on 20" wheels.

Called the "vRS Mega Man-Pram," it was actually inspired from a SKODA-commissioned survey of 1,000 dads which found that two thirds (76%) admitted they would spend more time pushing baby if they had access to a higher-spec and more stylish stroller.

In addition to the massive wheels, highlights include:
  • Wing mirrors;
  • Hydraulic suspension;
  • Oversized brake callipers;
  • Anti-stress grips;
  • Headlamp for night walks;
  • Sport-style upholstery;
  • Adjustable lumbar support.