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Subaru resumes crash testing pet safety products

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Subaru of America, Inc. today announced it will resume crash testing various pet safety products through its partnership with the Center for Pet Safety (CPS). These tests will examine harness, crate and carrier structural integrity, and gather data necessary to formulate testing and performance standards.

Video footage of earlier tests (see below) show that pet safety products were developed mainly to prevent driver distraction, not to actually protect the animals in the car.

The CPS now wants to highlight the importance of driving safely with pets by completing the first formal test protocol and independent ratings guidelines for pet travel harnesses.

"No performance standards or test protocols currently exist in the U.S. for pet crates or carriers, and while many pet safety product manufacturers claim to test their products, they can't be substantiated without uniform test standards and protocols," said Lindsey Wolko, Center for Pet Safety's founder and CEO. "We are very excited to once again have the support of Subaru, allowing the independent examination of pet crates and carriers. Subaru understands the importance of safety of all passengers including our four-legged friends."