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Super Bowl XLIX: Here are some car commercials you'll see!


Which one is faster: the tortoise or the hare? Of course it's the tortoise, especially when it drives a brand new, 503-horsepower Mercedes-AMG GT S, leaving the poor hare in a trail of dust!



Here is renowned actor Pierce Brosnan meeting a Hollywood agent to talk about his next role, which will require him to drive the new 2016 Kia Sorento. Could this actually be the perfect getaway car for the former James Bond? 



Nissan is back as Super Bowl advertiser after nearly two decades, and released the first 10 seconds of its ad as a teaser. The full 90-second commercial will depict the struggle of work-life balance facing many American families, with two surprise products making cameo appearances. 



Volvo won't air a commercial during the Super Bowl, instead using those of its competitors to launch a contest on Twitter (#VolvoContest) called “The Greatest Interception Ever.” Every time you see an ad from another car company, just tweet who you would put in a brand new Volvo and why, and you could win a stylish XC60. Clever, isn't it?