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Khatir Soltani

BANDON, Ore. — Among new-vehicle owners of 22 different brands, Toyota was given more consideration than Ford, according to ongoing studies of buying habits conducted by CNW Marketing Research, Inc.

For example, among people who eventually purchased a Chevrolet product, Toyota was the first alternative brand name pushing Ford into second spot. Among those who purchased a Pontiac, Toyota products were considered by more than two-to-one over Ford products. Volvo owners were three times more likely to consider a Toyota than a Ford while Chrysler-product owners had Toyota as their primary alternative followed by Chevrolet with Ford a distant third.

In all, Toyota was first alternative for seven brands, second alternative for three brands and third alternative for three brands.

Ford's position has slipped dramatically in the past three year, the research company reveals. In 1998, a Ford product was the first alternative to what individual consumers eventually purchased among 8 of the 22 brands investigated. In 2001, that fell to zero.

 1st Alternative2nd Alternative3rd Alternative
BMW ownersMercedesAudiJaguar
Cadillac ownersLincolnLexusGMC
Chevrolet ownersToyotaFordHonda
Chrysler ownersToyotaChevroletFord
Daewoo ownersKiaHyundaiChevrolet
Dodge ownersToyotaChevroletHonda
Khatir Soltani
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