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New as well as some used Suzuki models will now be eligible for a series of extended warranty packages.

According to Mike Kurnik, Suzuki Canada's marketing boss, Suzuki Secure Plan "offers a choice of coverage terms, allowing customers to select the specific plan best suited to their ownership expectations."

The new car plans cover either just the powertrain or the powertrain plus most of the rest of the vehicle and last up to 160,000 kms or 84 months and can be put on an Suzuki car or sport-ute with less than 30,000 km and no less than 18 months remaining on the factory warranty.

There are powertrain and comprehensive programs for 48 months and 80,000 or 100,000 kms, comprehensive 60-month programs for 100,000 or 160,000 kms, or 72- or 84-month comprehensive programs for 160,000 kms.

On the used car front, the plan is available on vehicles from the current model year or the previous seven model years with less than 140,000 km on the clock.Service plans for used models include a 6-month, 10,000 km powertrain version, or 12/20 and 24/40 comprehensive or powertrain.

Kurnik says it's not unusual for Suzuki owners to drive their cars farther or longer than the coverage provided by the limited 36-month, 80,000-km warranty.

There's a standard $50 deductible, Kurnik says, as well as a rental benefit up to $200, enhanced roadside assistance, and transferable nation-wide service.