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Tesla Produces Two Millionth Vehicle at Fremont, California Plant

| Photo: Tesla
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Daniel Rufiange
The milestone car is a red Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Fremont, California plant has just passed a major milestone, having recently produced the two millionth vehicle in its history.

The history-making car is a red Model 3; the factory also produces the Model Y, Model S and Model X.

After all the hand-wringing a few years ago about the production challenges Tesla was facing, it’s safe to say most have been overcome with flying colours. In all, since its inception, Tesla has produced and delivered some 2.9 million vehicles worldwide. Which of course means that soon enough the company will have another occasion to celebrate, that of its 3 millionth vehicle coming off the production line.

In connection with that looming milestone, the Insideevs site shared an interesting bit of data, which is the production breakdown to date: the Model 3 and Model Y account for 2,336,365 units, while the Model S and Model X account for 564,328 units.

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The two millionth vehicle produced at the Fremont plant, a Model 3
The two millionth vehicle produced at the Fremont plant, a Model 3 | Photo: Tesla

Tesla's total annual production is now over one million units, according to year-to-date figures. Better yet, in the last 12 months, Tesla has delivered more than 1.1 million vehicles to its customers, despite a rocky start for everyone in 2022.

For now, Tesla remains the world's leading player in electric vehicle sales, ahead of BYD and Volkswagen.

With two more factories about to go online - in Germany and Texas - Tesla may well continue its upward trend, but its competitors are revving up their engines with the introduction and announcement of several new all-electric models.

Volkswagen has said it intends to sell more electric vehicles than Tesla in the near-future, while GM aims to outsell the California-based firm by 2025.

If Tesla wants to stay in the race, it's going to need more models, including the Cybertruck it's been promising for some time now.

One thing’s for sure: it's going to be an interesting fight.

Daniel Rufiange
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