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Tesla Delivered 499,550 Vehicles in 2020, Inches Shy of Half-Million Target

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It wasn’t that long ago that many looked with skepticism at Tesla’s production capacity. The company struggled mightily to meet targets and silence its detractors, but hard work and persistence has paid off and as 2020 goes into the record books, it can say “mission accomplished”.

Why? Because in the past year the maverick automaker managed to deliver just about the number of vehicles it had set as a target. That target was half a million, and Tesla deliveries totaled 499,550 units in 2020. In the year’s Q4, it even hit a new record for quarterly deliveries with 180,570 units, an increase of 36 percent over the previous year.

The company thus came achingly close to its official goal of 500,000 units delivered. The Q4 push included an announcement by big boss Elon Musk that all Teslas delivered in the last three days of the year would come with the “full self-driving option” free of charge for three months.

You’ve surely heard about Tesla’s shockingly strong performance on the markets; the company’s share price rose over 700 percent during the past year, and it reported five straight quarterly profits. To culminate the year, it was included in the S&P 500 index in December.

It’s a gross understatement then to say that Tesla has momentum on its side, and the automaker has every reason to be bullish on 2021. That said, many are watching to see what happens when the slew of promised rival electric vehicles start to disembark on the market in the coming months.

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