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Tesla announces all-wheel drive and new safety features

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Remember that mysterious photo of a Tesla car partly hiding behind a garage door and Elon Musk's tweet about “it's time to unveil the D” a week ago?

Well, as promised, the CEO put an end to all speculation yesterday at the Hawthorne Airport in California by unveiling the new Model S P85D with all-wheel drive, which can sprint from 0-60 mph (96 km/h) in just 3.2 seconds.

An additional, front-mounted electric motor makes it all possible while increasing the car's range by about 10 miles (16 kilometres).

Deliveries of the P85D variant will begin as early as December. Tesla also announced the 60D and 85D for February.

“And something else...”
In last week's cryptic tweet, Musk added “and something else.” As we found out, Tesla will offer new advanced safety features including automatic lane changing when the driver activates the turn signals, and speed limit detection with automatic braking.

What can Tesla possibly come up with the next time?

Source : USA Today
Photo: Tesla Motors
Photo: Tesla Motors