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Tesla loses pair of top manufacturing executives at critical time

As Tesla faces exploding demand for its upcoming Model 3 compact sedan, not to mention more and more questions about its newly introduced Model X crossover, two of its top manufacturing executives are leaving the company, Automotive News reports.

Greg Reichow, vice president of production, and Josh Ensign, vice president of manufacturing, have both announced their departure. A small silver lining is that Reichow will remain at Tesla until his replacement is found.

What are their motives? We can only speculate at this point as no official word from Tesla came out. However, a person familiar with the situation told the website that “the executive changes are linked to delays, glitches, and a recall that have bedeviled the Model X.”

Of course, the company will never admit such a thing. Time will tell how this affects overall production.

So far in 2016, five Tesla vice presidents have jumped ship.