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All-new Tesla Model X (finally) coming next month!

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Tesla’s highly anticipated Model X crossover will officially launch in the U.S. in September. The news was confirmed by CEO Elon Musk in a letter to Tesla shareholders. We may not know the exact date yet, let alone its arrival in Canada, but the Model X sure is coming soon. 

“As we prepare to launch Model X in September, we are building more validation vehicles, executing final engineering and testing work, enabling our new manufacturing equipment and finalizing arrangements with our suppliers. We have been producing release candidate Model X bodies in our new body shop equipped with more than 500 robots as we fine-tune and validate our production processes,” Musk wrote.

The Model X offers seating for up to seven, standard all-wheel drive, and a pair of independent, electronically controlled electric motors. Falcon-wing rear doors ensure easy access to the third row. 

No details about performance, range or pricing have been released at this point. According to Musk, approximately 20,000 customers have already pre-ordered their Model X. 

In the letter, the Tesla boss also mentioned that 12,807 Model S units were built in the second quarter of 2015, surpassing the goal of 12,500. Of that number, 11,532 were sold, which is just over the forecast of 11,507. Model S production is likely to slow down a bit in the next few months since the Model X will be built on the same assembly line.