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Tesla Produces its First Cybertruck

Tesla's first Cybertruck | Photo: Twitter/@Tesla
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Daniel Rufiange
Tesla claims 1.6 million reservations on the books for the electric pickup

Tesla has produced the first version of its Cybertruck pickup truck. The model, announced in November 2019, will have taken nearly four years to go into production, after numerous delays.

The first Cybertruck was built at Tesla's mega-factory in Texas. 

The image that accompanied the announcement shared on Twitter showed what we're guessing was a pre-production example, surrounded by the men and women who built it.

As for mass production of the model, we'll have to be patient. The last official information shared in this regard referred to assembly starting this year, but with a limited production run. Annual production is expected to reach 375,000 units. We'll believe it when we see it, although Tesla has in the past usually managed to deliver on its promises - eventually.

The new Tesla Cybertruck
The new Tesla Cybertruck | Photo: Twitter/@elonmusk

Pricing of the Tesla Cybertruck?

One “detail” many have been waiting for - and continue to wait for – is how the Cybertruck will be priced. A price range had been announced for 2019, but let's face it, we can throw that one in the garbage can. At the time, the single-engine version was promised at $40,000 USD, the two-engine version at $50,000, and the three-engine version at $70,000. 

Last May, Tesla CEO Elon Musk described the Cybertruck as a difficult product to design and even more difficult to build. The cold-rolled stainless steel to be used is known to be hard on equipment. Consequently, the price range could be quite different. We'll see. 

What we can also expect is to see the most expensive version come out first, so that the company can maximize profits. That's the way most companies have rolled out their new electric vehicles, and it’s that way that Tesla managed to carve out a place for itself on the market back when with the Model S. 

If every consumer who has reserved a model goes through with their purchase, we'll be seeing Cybertrucks on the road. Indeed, last November, the company counted 1.6 million reservations for its model. However, even if production quickly reached 375,000 units annually, some consumers would have to wait four years to get their hands on a model. Clearly, many will go elsewhere. 

All the same, it's a fascinating saga to follow.

Tesla produces a first Cybertruck
Tesla produces a first Cybertruck | Photo: Twitter/@Tesla
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