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Get off the road! Top 10 Best 4X4s on the Market

No city-slicker SUVs allowed Automotive expert , Updated:

In principle, driving off-road is a 12-months-a-year activity. But let’s face it, trekking over difficult terrain is a lot more fun in summertime, when there’s less mud and slush involved… if you see what I mean!

In the past several months, the automotive industry has started to cozy up once again to the segment of 4X4s that are more rugged and will actually take on the worst that can happen when you leave the asphalt behind, and there’s no reason to think this trend will abate any time soon. In fact, maybe our next go-around with a list like this, in a few years, will be a Top 20!

Here are the best of what’s available today:

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
No way around it, we have to start this list with the most celebrated 4X4 in history, the Jeep Wrangler. In its Rubicon form, the Wrangler eats up the nastiest terrain. With its elevated suspension, more-aggressive tires and an ultra-rugged 4WD system, the Rubicon is an immediate short-list candidate if you’re really, really into off-roading.


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