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Top 10 2020 diesel-engine vehicles available in Canada

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Auto123 offers a list of the Top 10 diesel-engine options available to Canadians in 2020 – or more like, the ONLY 10

Ten years ago, the diesel engine was a big part of the industry. The Volkswagen Group in particular was a big advocate, but there were also many diesel-powered models at Mercedes-Benz, for example. 

When we look at the offer for 2020, we can see that it’s melted away like snow in the sun, a logical consequence of the diesel scandal that broke out in September 2015, which hit Volkswagen hard but also the format in general. 

Here then are ten 2020 models that are still offered with this type of powertrain to Canadian consumers. But take note, we're presenting you with models to consider and others to avoid. And just to avoid any squabbling, we're going in alphabetical order. 

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1 - Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon

Photo: Chevrolet

The General Motors (GM) Group's mid-size pickup trucks each can be had with a 2.8L, 4-cylinder diesel-powered unit that produces 186 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. 

Unless you have to pull mountains with this vehicle, every test we did of these variants has left us wanting more. The gain at the pump is marginal and you don’t really feel like you have the best engine for this vehicle under the hood. 

Our choice remains the 3.6L gasoline-powered V6 for this model. 

Photo: GMC