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Top 10 Chevrolet innovations

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Miranda Lightstone
In light of Chevrolet's latest small-car release, the Sonic, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the company itself. While Chevy is not stand-alone and obviously under the umbrella of GM, it's important to note that over the decades, Chevy has been responsible for some pretty cool and innovative things in the American auto industry. Betcha didn't know that, did you?

If I asked you to name an American automaker who you thought changed the face of the automotive world, you'd undoubtedly say Ford. After all, the Model T began it all, so why wouldn't you bring him up? But, take a moment to check out this top 10 list of innovative things Chevy's done over the years and you might have a hard time picking Mr. Ford the next time that question comes up.

10. Chevy introduces the car radio

When GM chose to make Chevrolet their “value leader” in the 1920s, it was clear GM had Ford in its sights. And while they knew the technology and engineering knowledge meant their model was far from original, what they did was offer options Ford didn't. One such option was an onboard car radio. For an extra $200 (nearly a fourth the price of the car itself), consumers could have a radio installed in their Chevy Superior that could pick up radio signals within 100 miles of the station broadcasting. This was a first for Chevrolet.
Miranda Lightstone
Miranda Lightstone
Automotive expert