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Top 10 Luxury sub-compact SUVs

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André Mélançon
Luxury comes in small sizes

The market for luxury sub-compact SUVs is running at the same temperature as those for luxury compacts and for SUVs in general: hot. This is hardly surprising, given the growth of urban populations and the hunger among consumers for a smaller-format vehicle that’s easy to park and manoeuvre through city traffic. Luxury sub-compacts are also generally fuel-stingy, very safe and, of course, luxurious. Here’s what the market is offering Canadian consumers this year:

INFINITI QX30: Eye-catching design

The new QX30 is a fitting representative of the new design orientation at INFINITI, and of the commitment of Nissan’s luxury division to making more room for itself in the luxury car market. 

André Mélançon
André Mélançon
Automotive expert