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Top 10: Most-Satisfying Cars

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Miranda Lightstone
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2014 Tesla Model S
2014 Tesla Model S |

No. 1
Tesla Model S -- 98% customer satisfaction

Tesla’s not only taken the auto industry by storm, but has won over consumers the world over with their high-powered, high-performance (380 horses with the P85!) all-electric vehicle. Running on 100% battery power (that’s good for approx.. 450km of range), the Tesla loses nothing in terms of interior space or cargo capacity like most hybrids and EVs (that scored low in those domains with CR because of that). Powerful and luxurious, the Tesla Model S received near-perfect scores in all domains: owner satisfaction, accident avoidance, fuel economy, acceleration, and ride.

What thinks: We wanna talk to the 2% who were unsatisfied and give them a piece of our mind…


Miranda Lightstone
Miranda Lightstone
Automotive expert