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Top 10: Worst Roads in Ontario according to CAA

From March 23rd to April 17th, CAA launched a campaign to find the worst roads in Ontario and other Canadian provinces. After more than 2,000 Ontario roads were nominated by drivers, the top 10 were revealed today on the CAA website.

CAA has also compiled a series of regional Top 5 Worst Roads lists to help highlight additional infrastructure challenges across Ontario. An interactive map is available online. 

So, as you start planning your summer vacation, try to avoid these 10 worst roads in Ontario:

  1. Algonquin Boulevard West (Timmins)
  2. Algonquin Boulevard East (Timmins)
  3. Dufferin Street (Toronto)
  4. Highway 144 (Greater Sudbury)
  5. Carling Avenue (Ottawa)
  6. Radical Road (Port Dover)
  7. Burlington Street East (Hamilton)
  8. Riverside Drive (Timmins)
  9. Dominion Road (Fort Erie)
  10. Bayview Avenue (Toronto)