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Top 2014-‘15 Car Winter Tire Recommendations

Winter tires are a must, regardless of where you live, as long as snow falls to the ground and temperatures dip below the freezing point. As we all know, summer and four-season tire compounds lose much -- if not all -- of their flexibility at as little as 7 degrees Celsius. Why risk it?

Canadian tire shoppers received good news in 2013: Tire prices dropped significantly in order to discourage cross-boarder shopping. Given that pricing is the No. 1 consideration when it comes to buying these expensive consumables, the news was very good indeed. 

As the winter season approaches, the questions are starting to roll in: “What winter tire should I buy?” To help you along with your shopping, I’ve devised another “best bang for the buck” line-up of tire suggestions. 

As compact and midsize cars remain popular in Canada, I’ve selected the following P205/55R16 size as the yardstick. Keep in mind that these picks apply to most cars, as well as minivans and crossover vehicles. For a more specific list of tire suggestions for the latter two vehicles, click here

Here are the top 2014-‘15 winter tire suggestions: