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10 Buses That Will Make You Want to Leave the Car at Home

As long as there have been cities there has been public transportation. It many ways it represents THE ideal way to get around on a daily basis. When it’s well-adapted to the needs of its users, it’s magic. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, so for many people the car remains the only real option. Some just don’t find taking the bus an appealing prospect.

To make that prospect more attractive to those folks, and just to take a look back at the rich history of public transportation over the last century and more, here’s a little overview of some examples of buses that have marked our history.

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L’Obéissante (The Obedient) 1873

It’s a bit tricky to pinpoint exactly when the first true bus made its appearance, but some of the characteristics of l’Obéissante (The Obedient) help make the case that it was the first bus in history. Running on steam power, it could transport up to a dozen people. It was the first private vehicle authorized to operate on the streets of Paris. In 1875, its inventor drove it from Paris to Le Mans, a journey that took him 18 hours to complete.