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The 10 Standout Cars of 2016

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Denis Duquet
Those that rose above the rest

When I was tasked with putting together a list of the 10 cars that most impressed me in 2016, I figured it would be a relatively easy assignment, given the level of excellence of the new models unveiled over the past 12 months. But that’s precisely the problem: with so many standout cars, SUVs and trucks to choose from, how to narrow the picks down to just 10?
After some hesitating and dithering, I decided to base my choices on which vehicles offered something unique and special in their segment, which distinguished them from other models that while excellent overall lacked any striking features.

Here then, in alphabetical order, are those vehicles I believe stood out from the rest over the past year. 

Acura NSX 
This hybrid-engine-equipped sports car has an appealing appearance, but the carmaker took so long to bring it to market that some figured it would never launch. The wait, though, has been rewarded. The car features a highly-advanced hybrid powertrain, and its look is an absolute head-turner. It should be noted that this ultra-sporty Japanese car is colour-sensitive, meaning some of the available colours jack up the wow factor more than others. Some may find the cabin feels like it belongs more in a family sedan, but the performance capabilities of the NSX say otherwise. What’s more, that sporty performance doesn’t prevent it from offering a very docile driving experience in everyday driving.


2017 Acura NSX
2017 Acura NSX
Photo: Acura
Denis Duquet
Denis Duquet
Automotive expert