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The 2018 Hyundai Kona : 7 Reasons Why it’s so Popular in Canada!

If you’re even moderately observant, you’ll have noticed that since its arrival on the market, the Hyundai Kona has been more than warmly received by consumers in Canada. In fact it’s quickly established itself as a top seller in its segment, and one of the most popular models produced by the Korean automaker.

Speaking of that subcompact SUV segment, we recently poured over it to determine our ranking of the Top 10 Subcompacts SUVs in Canada for 2018. And it represents reason number one why the Kona is such a hot ticket for Hyundai: it sits in what is currently one of the industry’s hottest categories.

There’s a lot more to this small crossover, however, that helps explain its successful courtship of Canadian consumers. We take a look at the main ingredients that make up the recipe for success for the Kona.

1. The format

SUVs, as you surely know, have become the favoured choice of many, many consumers here and elsewhere. On top of its utility model status, though, the Kona stands out for its smaller size, which makes it ideal for scooting around town, navigating heavy traffic and parking in tight spots. Many motorists who would previously have naturally gravitated to a sub-compact car have found in the Kona a vehicle that offers the small city-friendly size of those cars, but adds a large dose of versatility and much-improved cargo space.

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Photo: Hyundai