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Top 10 Subcompact SUVs in Canada in 2018

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Daniel Rufiange
Our best of the mighty mice ruling the road this year!

The past few years have seen the subcompact SUV segment hoover up consumers by the ton, nowhere more so than in Canada. Once populated by a handful of pioneering outliers like the Jeep Compass and Mitsubishi RVR, it has been inundated by more than a dozen new residents, all of whom are singularly devoted to grabbing a bigger share of this growing pie.

The exact same trend is evident in the luxury subcompact SUV segment, by the way.

This tells us two things. First off, the demand among consumers for SUVs shows no sign of falling off. And second, many of those consumers don’t want to drive a big utility model. The smaller format of these new subcompact models is actually a selling point for those who want a positive driving experience alongside the practicality once mainly associated with wagons.

Here are our top 10 subcompact SUVs in Canada in 2018 going into 2019, each with their own strengths and apt to meet different needs - ranked from worst to first!

10- Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade made its debut in 2015, and to this day it’s one of the more esthetically attractive products in the small SUV category. But it’s hurt by its mediocre reputation for reliability, and even more by the lack of flexibility in the engine/transmission product offering. It might be worth waiting to see what Jeep does with this model if and when it does revise it for real.

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