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Top 10: Cars Under $16,000

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André Mélançon

As the new school year gets set to kick off, consumers looking to buy an affordable new car have some interesting and highly credible choices available to them. These models are excellent options for students or for families looking to get a second car. What’s more, in many cases it’s possible to lease, finance at a low rate and even qualify for an extra discount when buying outright. The sales representative at your local dealership can guide you to help you choose the right option for your needs.

1. Nissan Micra: $9,988 – Unbeatable for the value it offers

The Micra may be showing its age a bit in terms of its design and even the technologies it features, but the price tag makes it really hard to beat as an affordable option. It’s also surprisingly well-constructed and has demonstrated proven reliability.

André Mélançon
André Mélançon
Automotive expert