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The Top 10 most affordable new cars in Canada in 2018

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Vincent Aubé
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Buying a new car can be stressful experience for many of us. Scribbling your signature on a purchase contract means committing to paying a tidy monthly sum for several years in return for the privilege of driving a new or recent-vintage car. Fortunately for Canada’s bargain-hunting car buyers, there are still, in 2018, new cars to be had at very affordable prices.

Hooked on that new-car smell?
We’ve put together a ranking for you of the most affordable new cars offered in Canada in 2018, so you can enjoy that new-car smell without breaking the bank. There are two compromises you’ll have to be ready to make, however. First, accept to drive with a manual gearbox; and second, be ready to go small. Here’s our listing of the most affordable cars, ranked from most to least costly!

10. 2019 Toyota Yaris sedan with manual transmission – $16,595 + $1,620 in fees

The priciest car on this list just snuck onto it, squeezing out the Honda Civic DX ($16,790 + $1,655 in fees) and the Nissan Sentra ($16,598 + $1,650). Keep in mind that the sedan version of the Toyota Yaris is in fact pretty much a Mazda2 in disguise. Translation: its handling is sporty, but we’ll retain a little bit of skepticism as to its long-term durability – especially in comparison with the virtually indestructible Yaris hatchback!

Specifications for the 2019 Toyota Yaris sedan

Toyota Yaris sedan
Toyota Yaris sedan
Photo: Toyota
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