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Top 10 Compact SUVs

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The SUV segment continues its impressive growth year after year in Canada, as in the rest of the world. Consumers appreciate their higher stance on the road, substantial cargo capacities and versatility in handling varied road conditions, not to mention the availability of all-wheel drive. Undoubtedly their sporty and modern appearance is another source of their appeal.

Among the many sub-categories of the segment – sub-compact SUVs, luxury compacts, mid-size SUVs – the compact SUV has become one of the most significant. In fact, blink and you may miss some of the developments that are constantly reshaping the category. Manufacturers are introducing innovations at a dizzying pace in order to conserve or grow their share of the market. 

Here is an overview of what the market is offering:

1 - Honda CR-V – Excellent Value

While it doesn’t necessarily stand out in any one aspect, the Honda CR-V conquers by offering an exceptional overall package. With styling that weds elegance and versatility, it appeals to modern families by providing impressive interior space for five adult occupants and tons of luggage. That the Honda CR-V comes with an engine that is economical yet capable of strong performance is another selling point, as are the Real Time all-wheel drive and the finely tuned CVT transmission. In short, it’s just really hard to find much to fault in the CR-V. Did I mention its strong reliability ratings and high resale value?

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Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V
Photo: Honda