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Top 10 Sub-Compact SUVs for 2017

We’ve seen it with the compact SUV market, and so it is with the sub-compact SUV category. The fast-growing segment welcomes a brand-new or majorly overhauled model or a special edition just about every month. This trend shows no sign of abating either, as witnessed by the pending arrival at dealerships of the Kona from Hyundai, as well as Kia’s Stonic. Volkswagen, meanwhile, is set to unveil its new T-ROC by the end of this month, while Ford is planning to have its EcoSport ready for production early in the new year.

The arrival of all these new small SUVs, not to mention various hybrid, electric and even coupe-style versions of these and other models, will send the level of competition in this category into overdrive, especially as there is already a glut of choice. Here’s our view of the top 10 currently available sub-compact SUVs:

2018 Toyota C-HR: What styling!
Toyota has surpassed itself design-wise with its latest new creation, the C-HR. It’s also fun to drive, even if it doesn’t come with all-wheel drive. Take a moment to read our review and our head-to-head comparison with the Qashqai!

2018 Toyota C-HR
Photo: Toyota
2018 Toyota C-HR