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Top 10 Used Cars at Under $5,000 (and more than 15 years old!) for Tackling Winter

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Winter is nipping impatiently at our heels, and for many, this means it’s time to go out and pick up what used to be known as a jalopy, rust-bucket, clunker, banger, bucket of bolts or whatever to use care-free as you plough through the snow, slush and piles of road-salt. For your purposes here, we’ll say that means a top price of $5,000 that people are willing to pay for the privilege. With a bit of luck, your “new” ride might even last you beyond one winter!

If you know how to look and what to look for, the market is full of little gems that could be your trusty servants for several winter seasons, for a really miserly sum.

Here is our totally scientific, blatantly un-scientific list of 10 used-car models, 15 years old or more, that can be had for under the $5,000 mark, and which give you a fighting chance of keeping them running and useful for another five, maybe even 10 years.

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10 – Toyota Tercel (1990-1999)

Super hero or cockroach? Of all the cars Toyota has produced over the past 30 years, the 90s-era Tercel may be the most indestructible. If you don’t believe us, do a quick count of the old Tercels you see out on the roads on any given day. Just try to name any competitor’s model from that period that is still active in such large numbers; there is none. Currently on the used-car market, an old Tercel in good condition can be had for between $2,000 and $3,000 – if you can find one for sale, that is. People tend to hang on to them, you see…

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1994 Toyota Tercel
Photo: Toyota
1994 Toyota Tercel