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Top 11: Worst Driving Habits

No. 11
Signalling, then changing lanes

Just because you’ve had the presence of mind to signal your intent does not automatically mean that you now have priority over everyone else in the lane, and that they must come to a full stop in order to let you in. 

Refusing to let someone in is not really any better, but there are specific circumstances where blocking someone from making a legitimate move is plain wrong, too. 

No. 10 
Cutting in

A long line is building up for the exit, you take your place and wait patiently. Meanwhile, a jerk shoots by, crosses solid double lines and wedges the extreme right corner of his front bumper between two cars, and waits, partially blocking everyone. Good job at causing the problem you’re trying to get away from. 

No. 9 
Not signalling

Your AMC Pacer, Dodge K-car or Mitsubishi Mirage has turn signals. Use them. You are the worst offender if you curse others for not using them. 

No. 8 
Languishing in the fast lane

A North American curse. Ontario, Florida, California, New York, British Columbia, and Quebec, all of us own that left lane! In fact, I’ve now coined the line: “the left-lane illusion.” 

A few regions in NA have legislations in place where left-lane hoggers can and will be penalized if they get caught doing their thing. This is a good thing, but I also see issues with it… 

Anyhow, get out of the way if you’re not passing anyone!

No. 7 
Doing 60km/hr in the right-hand lane

Hyper-miler or not, trying to conserve fuel or simply scared of doing 61km/hr, if the middle lane is free, why not move over and allow those merging onto the freeway the opportunity to do exactly that and in a safe and smart manner?

No. 6
No lights in a storm

Or at night for that matter. Goodness me! It’s storming out so I’d better drive slowly and cautiously; I can barely see where I’m going. So put your lights on. If you’re doing 65km/hr and the person coming behind you is doing 75km/hr, it might be a good idea to let him or her know you’re there. Just a thought. 

Keeping your highbeams on when crossing traffic at night is no better, either. 

No. 5
Braking for no good reason

Why? What possesses someone to hit the brake pedal repeatedly? Slowing down because a car has merged in the lane 250 metres ahead? A curve is coming up fast at 50km/hr? You were texting and suddenly forgot you were driving? You’re driving? 

No. 4 
Driving a Corolla

#corollattack is a real thing; look it up on the web. If we could somehow program Corollas to not be allowed to drive in the left lane, we wouldn’t need a left-lane hoggers legislation. 

No. 3 
Taxi drivers

If I think I cover lots of ground in a year, it’s nothing compared to a taxi driver. Somehow, this entitles these people, generally speaking, to be complete a-holes on the road, doing whatever they please in whatever lane they want. These guys are almost as bad as Corolla drivers. 

No. 2
Panicking at the wheel

Paying attention to the road is crucial. Texting and navigating the web while not keeping your eyes on the road is your problem, not mine. Therefore, if you’re about to miss your exit, it is your responsibility to not swerve into my car because OMG-your-life-depends-on-making-this-exit!!! 

No. 1 

This is perhaps the worst offence of all. I know we all love to soak in other people’s misery and bask in our own good fortune, but causing a 6km lineup because you need to see what’s going on is stupid, and potentially dangerous. Doing this because of a stalled 1994 VW Golf or someone being pulled over by cops should also be punishable with a traffic violation.