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Top 10 Vehicles That Made their Debut at the New York Auto Show Over the Years

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Auto123 presents 10 vehicles of the past that made their debut at the New York Auto Show.

In normal times, we would have made the short trek down to New York last week to attend the annual auto show. In my case, my flight to the Big Apple  to the American megalopolis was booked and I was going there at the invitation of Toyota to cover their premiere presentation.  

How things have changed in just a few weeks. Today, possibly the last place on the planet where anyone would want to be is New York City.

After the show, I would also have been presenting with a Top 10 overview of the best premieres at the show, what was going on behind the scenes and so on. Since that's impossible this year, we take a look back at 10 important models that have made their big debut at the New York event over the decades. In the first case particularly, we look a looong way back…

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1 — 1928 Ford Model A

1928 Ford Model A
Photo: Ford
1928 Ford Model A

The Ford Model T was produced from 1909 to 1927. From the beginning, it gave the American automaker based in Dearborn, Michigan immediate notoriety. And in selling just over 15 million units, it set the record for most vehicles sold that held until the Volkswagen Beetle finally bested it in 1972.

Back in 1927, however, Ford deemed it was time for the Model T to make way for a more modern product, and that new product was presented at the New York auto show, held at that time at Madison Square Garden. It’s said the show was attended by a million people, each of whom had to fork over an entrance fee of… 75 cents. The auto show took place in January 1928.