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Toyo Celsius all-weather tire explained in video

Earlier this year, Toyo introduced the new Celsius tire for passenger vehicles and the Celsius CUV tire for sport utility vehicles, crossovers, and some light-truck applications.

The Toyo Celsius is hailed as a revolutionary all-weather tire designed for those drivers who need the added winter safety during occasional snow falls and cold weather conditions, but don’t want to incur the expense of buying, installing and storing winter tires. The Celsius is positioned between an all-season and winter tire with a tread design that provides better ice and snow traction than a typical all-season tire and longer tread life than a winter tire (it does wear Transport Canada’s snowflake symbol).

In case you missed Mathieu St-Pierre’s extensive review of the Toyo Celsius back in March, we strongly invite you to read it. Afterwards, take five minutes to watch the following video: