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Toyota Sells its 10 Millionth Hybrid Vehicle Globally

The Toyota Prius
Photo: Toyota
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Josée Paquet

Toyota has passed the 10 million mark for sales of hybrid vehicles around the world. Remarkably, the company attained the new milestone a mere nine months after it hit the 9 million total for hybrids sold. In all, Toyota currently produces 34 different hybrid models that are sold in 90 different countries.

In Canada, sales have been strong as well: 19,787 Toyota-branded hybrid vehicles were sold in 2016, representing an increase of over 45% over 2015. More than 130,000 Toyota hybrids are currently in use on Canadian roads. Just this week, Toyota made another big splash with its Canadian debut of the 2018 Toyota Camry during the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto.

Josée Paquet
Josée Paquet
Automotive expert