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After the Toyota Corolla Hatchback, the Toyota Corolla Cross?

Toyota has only just launched the hatchback version of its Corolla, and the automaker hardly planning its next move for the nameplate. It has come out that the company has registered the Corolla Cross name with the European Intellectual Property Organization, making it a safe bet that we’ll be seeing a new variant carrying the nameplate.

The name suggests that it will likely be a more off-road-friendly vehicle with a slightly raised suspension and hard plastic body cladding, similar to what we’re seeing in a growing number of models. We assume all-wheel-drive will be part of the package as well. Picture in fact a direct rival to the Subaru Crosstrek.

This segment, which sits roughly at the crossroads (sorry) between car and SUV, has exploded in popularity in Canada, a reflection of many consumers’ desire to benefit from the practical and adventurous sides of a utility model without the format of a big SUV.

To put together a model fitting this description, whether it carries the Corolla name or not, seems like a winning proposition for Toyota.

Absolutely no details are known about this hypothetical model, of course - all we know is a name that’s been patented. But it’s clear that Toyota has a motive for registering it.

We’ll be keeping you posted!

Photo: Toyota