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Tokyo 2015: Toyota Kikai is not a toy but looks like one

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Toyota introduced the Kikai concept at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show this week, and no, it’s not the latest addition to the Hot Wheels lineup of toy cars. 

Designers chose to expose the car’s mechanical parts rather than concealing them from view. Essentially, the inner workings have become part of the exterior in a design concept that breaks with convention. There is even a small window by the driver’s feet, giving a view of the tires, suspension and road surface.

The driver’s seat is positioned centrally, putting you at the heart of the action. A triangular arrangement of the three passenger seats and an expansive side window that extends up to the roofline help create a congenial cabin environment.

The Kikai will surely have lots of people talking at future auto shows and events. Of course, don’t count on a production model…