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Tundra Take-Back Project Recycles Vehicles in Nunavut

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Summerhill Impact’s Tundra Take-Back project has been launched, which aims to remove end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) and other metal waste found in Nunavut.

The program will remove vehicles that contain pollutants that are harmful to the environment and water quality. Recycling ELVs will also free up space within Northern community dumpsites.

Made possible by funding from Environment Canada, the initiative focuses on 2 Nunavut communities, Gjoa Haven and Arviat. With key partners from the recycling and transport sectors, Summerhill Impact will decommission vehicles by recovering fuel, mercury, winshield washer fluid, antifreeze, tires and refrigerants.

These materials will subsequently be shipped to Quebec province by sea before the first frost. Once harmful pollutants have been eliminated cleanly, decontaminated metal will be recycled and transformed into other tools.

Source : Summerhill Impact