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Uniti, a new electric car prototype designed in Sweden

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An all-new electric city car called Uniti is being developed in Sweden using convention-defying methods and design.

Researchers at Lund University want to determine the most efficient vehicle configuration, production methods, and materials in order to create an electric car designed for high performance in an urban environment that is vastly more sustainable not just in terms of energy source, but also of the product itself throughout its life cycle.

"It is time for a more futuristic and less destructive driving experience," says Uniti co-founder Lewis Horne, arguing that current design norms are outdated and excessively 'plastic'.

The Uniti team has opted to make the design and development process open and patent-free from the beginning with the hope of accelerating the emergence of more sustainable vehicles.

The vehicle is a two-seater, with one seat behind the other, and the spacious interior has a distinctly 'sci-fi' feeling. Materials such as hemp and flax fibre biocomposites maintain a premium cachet with an organic nature. 

You can visit the Uniti website or watch the following video for more details.